Every time we go to Umbria we start with very good intentions.

On the first morning after breakfast we get the trainers on.

We are spoilt for choice in the centre of Umbria with lovely scenic walks, each season brings new findings.

In the summer a lot of our time is spent swimming and a little of our time sunbathing.

We have used the golf course at Santa Sabina and regularly the driving range in Papiano near Marsciano. However we never seem to get any better!

For horse riding try Centro Ippico San Biagio, Via Settevalli, San Biagio della Valle.

If you are into historic sites, do visit Castello di Spina Marsciano there is a castle with typical characteristics of medieval buildings

After the market on Monday in Marsciano, visit Museo Dinamico del Laterizio e delle Terrecotte di Marsciano, where you will find a very nice display of terracotta and ceramic.

For something more relaxing and peaceful, you can enjoy incredible bird-watching in the fields around our house or on Lake Trasemino

On the cooler days try some of the following scenic driving routes:

  1. Tour around Lake Trasemino using the back roads. Go right at the end of the bog road (Strada bianco, white road as the Italians say), pass Rotecastello, turn left then through San Venanzo and take the scenic roads up to Lago Trasimeno. There are a number of towns around the lake - the left hand corner of the lake is in Tuscany!
  2. Take a longer tour to Norcia but go the very scenic way round. Pick up the E45 going towards Assisi, then head in the direction of Monti Sibillini (this trip has some of the most breath-taking scenery). Continue on to Castelluccio (famous for its lentils) and then to Norcia (famous for its wild boar).

Do Google Top 10 things to do in Umbria, or top sites in Umbria; each time we visit we pick something new.